About Us

Surrey Heath Community Providers Ltd, is the GP Federation for Surrey Heath and consists of a Board of Directors made up of 2 Clinical Directors and 3 non-clinical directors:

Dr Sarah Stradling Chairperson

Dr Mark Pugsley Clinical Director

Tracey Franklin Director of Operations and Finance

Ian Friend GP Federation Director

Simon Wickes GP Federation Director

We are Surrey Heath Community Providers Limited, which is a federation of 7 GP practices across 10 sites, covering a population of over 97,000 patients across Surrey Heath. We began in 2016 and now employ around 200 members of staff across our clinical and corporate support teams. Since 2019 we have hosted the Primary Care Network in Surrey Heath.

As a GP Federation, we are proud to represent our member practices and to champion primary care by working with local general practice and system partners in the provision of community based healthcare services. We are dedicated to providing safe and compassionate care to our patients across our range of primary care services in Surrey Heath and believe in continuous commitment to quality service delivery and positive patient outcomes.

Patients are at the heart of everything we do, and we pride ourselves in ensuring our patients feel safe, supported, communicated with and respected, at a time when they may be feeling vulnerable.

Our vision is to provide high quality, seamless health care that enables people to lead healthier lives, whilst feeling supported and cared for.