Surrey Heath Community Providers

GP Federation in Surrey Heath Ash Vale

About Us

Surrey Heath Community Providers Ltd, Board of Directors has Seven members, elected by the local GP community and holding office for three years. Two are practicing GPs, one is a practice nurse, one is an experienced Practice Manager, one is the Federation Director and the others are company directors.

Medical Directors:


Dr Mark Pugsley

Clinical Director, also Partner & GP at Park Road Group Practice

Dr Sarah Stradling


Clinical Director, also Partner & GP at Camberley Health Centre

Mrs Sarah Frost

Clinical Director, also Nurse at Bartlett Group Practice

Mr Edmund Cartwright

Clinical Director 

Non- Medical Directors: 

Mr Ian Friend

Director of Finance, also Practice Manager at Bartlett Group Practice

Mrs Tracey Franklin

Director of Operations, Surrey Heath Community Providers

Mr Simon Wickes


Other Surrey Heath Community Providers Staff:

Mrs Lisa Winstanley, Project Administrator

Miss Tracy Cooney, HR Administrator