Meet The Teams

Executive Team

Dr Sarah Stradling

Surrey Heath Federation Chair of the Board of Directors,

GP and Partner for Camberley Health Centre

Tracey Franklin

Director of Operations & Finance

Ian Friend

Federation Director and Corporate Governance and Finance Officer

Associate Directors

Simon Sheppard

Associate Director of Operations

Dr Mark Pugsley

Federation Clinical Director & Accountable PCN Clinical Director,

GP and Partner for Park Road Group Practice

Edmund Cartwright

PCN Clinical Director

Simon Wickes

Federation Director

Caroline Lovis

Associate Director of Finance

Surrey Heath Community Providers Staff

Dawn McGoldrick Executive Assistant

Fiona Turner Clinical Services Manager

Niki Orchard Operations Manager

Human Resources and Finance

Debbie McReynolds People Promise Manager

Savannah Lyons Senior HR Advisor

Gina Booth HR Administrator

Kim McCoy-Page Finance Assistant

Samantha Skocic HR Administrator

Theresa Harford HR Administrator


Aron Berry Service Lead Advanced Practitioner

Lucy Taylor Senior Clinical Pharmacist

Melanie Wedlock Senior Clinical Pharmacist

Mohammad Azhar Senior Clinical Pharmacist

Sarah Short Senior Clinical Pharmacist

Ali Hafeez Clinical Pharmacist

Alveena Subhan Clinical Pharmacist

Chichi Simango Clinical Pharmacist

Diwash Thapa Clinical Pharmacist

Jasdip Rehal Clinical Pharmacist

Joana Da Silva Ribeiro Cibrao Clinical Pharmacist

Shakti Khetia Clinical Pharmacist

Pharmacy Technicians

Bina Patel

Chamindhi Abegunarathna


Chayanne Chin-a-Woeng Advanced Specialist Dietitian

Geeta Pande Dietetic Assistant Practitioner

Health And Wellbeing Coaches

Amy Hobbs Team Leader

Rosanna Ashford Team Leader

Occupational Therapists

Mark Greenwood Senior Occupational Therapist

Nicola Carrig Senior Occupational Therapist

Daniel O’Brien Therapy Assistant

Nurse Associates

Kim White Nurse Associate

Stacey Picker Trainee Nurse Associate

Sophie Jarrett Trainee Nurse Associate

Rosie Newby Trainee Nurse Associate

Gemma Finlay Trainee Nurse Associate

Liwayway Price Trainee Nurse Associate

Physician Associates

Zoe Ridler

Amy Carr

Sasha Le Marquer

GP Assistant

Sasha Mason Trainee GP Assistant

Care Coordinators

Gemma Welburn Care Home Coordinator and Team Leader

Paige Best Team Leader

Agata Dey

Claire Jones

Kim Silva

Lesley Bazeley

Sian Power

Mental Health Administrators

Alan Matthews

Georgia Henken

Laura Sinclair

Social Prescribers

Stephanie Clare Team Leader

Patrick Buckingham Team Leader

Samantha Harrison

Louise Miles

Gillian Beaumont (Citizens Advice Bureau)

Tracey Cooper (Citizens Advice Bureau)

Tracy Brown (Surrey Heath Borough Council)

Isabel Walton Cancer Care Navigator

Patient Services Coordinators

Alexandra Joseph


Niki Dyball Team Leader

Shannon Stark Team Leader

Zoe Ross

Lesley Dean

June Foster

Eula Galloway

Kathryn Winstanley

Deborah Keast

Jemma Joel-Anderson

Lynette Heynes

Rebecca Grainger

Victoria Bench